CMP EIC Match March 25 click HERE to register or go to calendar. 

Associate Members- please redo Vetting documents. Forms found HERE. Mail to clubhouse or drop off. Thank you. 

Forums are now open. Members please login and join forums and post!

January Meeting Minutes located HERE


Please be aware that the club house week day hours have changed. Operations officer will be in the club house on Wednesday's from 9-1400. Thank you. 


We offer several different disciplines for the shooting enthusiast. If you are a new shooter, we can assist you with instruction on the fundamentals. For the more experienced marksman, our club hosts rifle, pistol, and shotgun competitions and advanced marksmanship training. Like our Marine hosts, we are committed to marksmanship and excellence.

  • Our web site contains much of the information you need to know. However, you may also contact us
  • If new to our site, please read First Time Here and drop down options as they have valuable information.
  • The calendar is the source for all matches, training, meetings, and club events.
  • Steps on how to become an RSO can be found here
  • Shirts and Hats are available for order for club members only! All orders will be delivered to clubhouse. Proof of current membership required. 
  • www.jillsdesigns.com User name and password available upon request. Please email qsc.operationsofficer@gmail.com for user name and password.



The QSC is a non-federal entity. It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no government status.