How do I use Quantico Shooting Club's calendar?

Please click on the event you wish to see more information on. A box will open with additional information and if you hit more details at the bottom it will open into a full page. If there is nothing on the weekend you are interested in shooting there is nothing open. Please remember that we post every Thursday what is open for the following weekend. Only matches are scheduled ahead of time.

Can I use the ranges if I am not a member?

You must be a member to use the ranges at Quantico. Membership is divided into Regular (Active, Reserve and Retired Military and DoD employees) and Associate (Civilian). Membership fees for Regular members are based on pay grade. Membership applications can be found on the Membership page of our website. They can be mailed in with payment or brought to the clubhouse. For a nominal fee, guests of members may enjoy shooting. However, they must at all times be accompanied by a member.

How can I get a sponsor if I do not know any members?

You can come to observe a Recreational Fire. This will give you the opportunity to meet some of our members as well as see how the ranges are run. Also the Board of Directors can sponsor a new member. 

When can I use the range?

Range use is based on a number of things:
1. Availability - We typically have a number of ranges available to us each weekend, including pistol, rifle & shotgun. There are times when either classes are being held, a sanctioned match is scheduled at a particular range or the Military takes precedence on a range. 
2. RSO's: The Range Safety Officers at QSC are all members who volunteer to open ranges. We can only have ranges open when there are volunteers. Any member can become an RSO by attending our RSO class and test given by the Marine Corp.

Why don’t I see any ranges scheduled?

If there are no ranges on the calendar then there is nothing open. Once ranges and RSO's are confirmed for a given range, then the range schedule goes up on the calendar. This is typically completed by Thursday evening. Rarely, a rec fire will be posted on Friday thru Sunday of the same weekend. This may happen when both a RSO volunteer and range suddenly become available. Remember, this is an all volunteer organization and as such we depend on our cadre of SO's for all our shooting activities. Members are highly encouraged to become a RSO for these reasons. In summary, any and all ranges available for Rec Fire will be posted, if a range is not posted for rec fire then it is not available.

How are shooting positions allocated on a range for recreational fire?

Shooting positions are given to club members first. If you are a guest, you must share the shooting position with your host member. In addition, a member is limited to hosting three guests per shooting session. The RSO's responsibility as always is safety first but they are also present to enforce club rules and regulations, etc. Please be kind and respectful of the RSO, they are volunteers.

Do you rent firearms, sell ammunition, or supply targets and safety equipment?

NO. You are responsible for providing your own firearms, ammunition, targets, target stands, safety equipment, etc. The only thing that the club can provide are clay targets. Types of allowable firearms and ammunition can be found on the Ranges page of our website.

Why can’t I use ammunition listed in the restricted ammo list?

The splatter pattern of steel core ammo is different than lead ammo and as such safety is a major concern. At present it would be overly cumbersome to verify each shooters ammunition to ensure NO steel core ammo is used.

Is there an age limit for shooting activities?

Yes, currently anyone attending our range and participating in shooting a firearm must be 12 years old or greater. There are reasons for this restriction include the maturity or lack thereof of youth shooters and the parental shooting/safety experience in the over-sight of the youth shooter.

Do you sell or otherwise provide for a hunting and fishing license?

No, we do not. Our club is for competitive shooting only.

Does Quantico Shooting Club provide for FFL transfers?

No, we do not.

What is the best way to get started in shooting for the first time or to try a new discipline in shooting?

Those interested should look at our links page for further information which provides excellent resources in which to become familiar. The club calendar provides the schedule for recreational fire and this is the best way to actually try out new types of marksmanship. Our members are friendly and enjoy teaching others.