Ranges Range 1

Range 1 is a 300-yard multipurpose range with target positions located  between 7 and 150 yards and 300 yards (area between 150 and 300 not usable). Handguns exceeding the ammunition restrictions on the Pistol Competiton Range may be used.


Muzzle loaders .75 caliber and below may be used.

Shotguns firing shot sizes #7 and larger as well as double 00 buck shot and slugs. 

The range has 21 covered firing positions, double hearing protection and eye protection is required.

Members must bring their own targets and stands. No Steel targets allowed. Metal target stands are allowed.

All Range Safety Officers (RSO), Officer in Command (OIC), members, and guest are encouraged to read the latest Range 1 SOP.


If you need to make a target stand click here for plans.


Range Safety Video: Click Here